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Caring for colored hair
There are commonly two major considerations for people with colored hair: Retaining the hair color and repairing damage caused during the coloring process. Fortunately many of the things you can do to keep your color vibrant also work to protect your hair from further damage, and can help to sooth some of the damage caused by the coloring process.
If possible, try to wash and rinse your hair in cool water, rather than hot. Cool water will help to close your hair cuticles, sealing in moisture and helping to retain your color.
If you wear your hair in a part, try alternating the side you wear it on so that you don’t get just one section of your hair exposed to the elements. Any fading that occurs due to sun exposure will then be less concentrated and less noticeable.

If you’re swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, try to wear a swimming cap to protect your hair, otherwise rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards to remove chemical or salt water build up. The chemicals in pool water and even salt water can damage hair, strip color, and occasionally lend an unwanted tinge of color to light hair colors. Be sure to shampoo your hair as soon as possible afterwards to remove any traces of build-up.
• Products: shampoo specifically formulated for coloured hair, nourishing conditioners and conditioning masks, hair sunscreen.

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