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Hair care for dry hair
Dry hair is characterized by dullness, a dry or rough feeling, split ends, frizziness, and it is often difficult to comb or brush. Dry hair is frequently caused by excessive or amateur coloring or perming, heat-assisted styling (using hair dryers, straightening tools, curling tongs, etc) and exposure to sun and chemicals. However, some people do have hair that is naturally dry.
Dry hair usually owes it’s texture and dullness to raised cuticles on the hair shaft. In healthy hair, these cuticles lie flat, lending the hair a healthy sheen and making it smooth and manageable. These flat cuticles also help to keep moisture inside the hair. When cuticles are raised, the hair is more porous and moisture escapes relatively easily.

Understanding the underlying cause of dry hair is the first step towards knowing how to care for it. Do you spend a lot of time in the strong sunlight? Try using a suitable hair sunscreen or protecting your hair with a headscarf or hat during the hottest parts of the day. Do you use your hairdryer on a high temperature often? Try allowing your hair to air dry wherever possible, and when it is necessary to use your hairdryer, use it on a cooler temperature and aim it down the hair shaft (pointing down from the top of your head). This is because your hair cuticles are naturally aligned away from the scalp. Make sure you move the hairdryer around when you’re using it rather than leaving it concentrated on just one section of your hair. Additionally you can use a conditioning treatment specifically designed for use with heated styling tools. A good conditioning treatment will limit the damage that they inflict.
In addition to locating and eliminating the causes of dry hair, there are many products available to sooth and care for dry hair. Your stylist will be able to recommend a suitable conditioner, mask or treatment.

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