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eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Eyeshadows for hazel eyes

Remember when Indian Earth was in? A warm brick eyeshadow is also the perfect all over color’..for lips, cheeks, eyes……a little lip gloss on top and you’re off.

Find a blush brush that perfectly fits the size of the apple of your cheek when you smile. Anything bigger than that, and you’ll get blush where you don’t want it. You really don’t need a huge blush brush for color. Those are meant for shimmery powders………
Pick up your blush by lightly tapping the blush with the tips of the bristles. If you are sweeping the brush across the color, you’ll pick up about 10 x more color than you need, and you waste alot of product. Just tap the ends of the bristles about 2-3 times onto the color. Shake off any excess. You should barely be able to see the color on the brush. Don’t worry, you do have enough on.

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