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best makeup for green eyes

The mascaras were broken down into price range, from the very cheap, to the very expensive. Is it true when they say the more money you spend, the better quality you get?
Our price range was as followed:
$ Under $ 5.00
$$ $ 5.00 – $10.00 range
$$$ $ 10.00 – $15.00 range
$$$$ $ 15.00 – and Over
We also put our mascaras through some stiff criteria:
1. Application:
How did the mascara apply on? Was it gunky? smooth? etc.
2. Feel:
How did the product feel on? Was it invisible, with no feel, or super thick that it made you want to wash your face, or rub off the mascara off your eyelashes later in the day?
3. Wear & Tear:
How long did the mascara last? Did it disappear in a few hours? Did you feel like you had to reapply?
4. The Look:
What effect did the mascara give your lashes? Length? Thickness? Superior color?
5. Wash Off:
How was the mascara to remove? Did you feel like you needed a separate product to remove?
6. Irritability:
Did the mascara burn, flake, peel off during the day? Did the mascara irritate eyes when removing?
Our rating system is:
**** 4 stars –
Excellent! Couldn’t ask for anything more.
***3 stars –
Pretty Great. Well worth it for the price, or other qualities.
**2 stars –
Not bad, could be better, but other qualities might make up for it.
* 1 star –
Leaves much to be desired.
0 0 star –
Don’t even bother! We spent money for THIS?

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