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As I’m continuing on my airbrush makeup quest, the latest news is that I found a mini-compressor. I had a 5 lb. air tank, that, though it’s quiet, was a pain to lug around to the studio or location. Plus, if you ran out of air in the middle of something, good luck. After doing a ton of research on the internet, I went with ‘KopyKake”. Their compressors are literally the size of a toaster, and were very reasonable. For around $150, I got a compressor that goes up to 35 psi (you don’t want anymore than 25psi for the face) and also has a control for the air pressure. A must have I’ve noticed based on what you’re trying to spray through the airbrush..(water-based products need less pressure, while oil-based products need more to push it through…). Also, when picking it up, the salesguy mentioned that the makeup department for ‘Friends’ on NBC just bought a bunch for their makeup artists. It is a bit noisy (I’m spoiled by the tank…) but it works great so far. A tip: make sure that the hoses that come with the compressor are compatible with the airbrush(es) that you have. You want to be able to switch between them easily if need be.

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