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My hair seems to be thinning. what can i do?
Personal Hair Advisor: Although thinning hair is often thought of as only a male problem, it plagues women as well.
Thinning hair in women can be caused by a number of different conditions — it could be the side effect of certain medications you are on, related to stress and hormonal fluctuations or caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, particularly iron. Or if you’ve recently had a baby, it could be the natural thinning that occurs after the pregnancy growth spurt. If you suspect that any of these is the cause of your problem, I suggest consulting a physician.
Overprocessing the hair, such as with frequent chemical processes, is also a possible cause. If you color, highlight, straighten or perm your hair and have noticed thinning, try giving your hair a rest for a few months and see whether it regains its thickness. Finally, pulling your hair back too tightly every day can result in excessive hair loss. After you pull your hair back, be sure to loosen it around your scalp. Even if you’re not sure exactly what is causing your hair to thin, you can do many things to camouflage it. Most importantly, opt for a short cut rather than long hair. Length will only flatten your hair and emphasize the thinning. Wearing your hair short and adding strategic layers will make it appear thicker and create fullness.

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