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cameron diaz haircut

1. Be realistic. While a certain style may look great in a magazine, it may be unsuitable for your hair texture or facial structure. The stylist can usually help you determine if a style is appropriate for you.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the stylist uses a term you don’t understand, ask the stylist what it means.
3. Before the stylist finishes your hair, ask for a hand mirror to check the back of your hair and to make sure you’re satisfied with the cut.
4. As the stylist is finishing your hair, seek advice on how to recreate and maintain the look. Also ask the stylist to record your haircut information, such as the clipper guard number and hair products used on your hair so that you have the correct information for your next visit.
5. Update your products. Ask the stylist for recommendations on which products to use to get your desired finish.

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