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cameron diaz with long hair

Cameron Diaz with Long Hair
Simple, relevant, scientific facts about hair processes, ingredients and preventive haircare.
The Science
Hair grows out of the epidermis layer of the skin deep inside the living tissues of the invisible hair shaft that emerges is actually made up of dead cells. Dead hair cells are fragile because unlike skin, hair has no intrinsic, regenerative properties.
Hair Follicle – Buried deep in the scalp is a sac of epidermal (skin) tissue with a bulb at the bottom. Lubricated by the sebaceous glands, the hair shaft emerges from this cavity. The follicles determine the personal characteristics that embody the hair fibers: curly or straight, dry or oily, and thickness.
Hair Shaft – Hair is primarily composed of dead cells that evolve into the protein keratin. These proteins form a sturdy barrier that protects the hair and resists damage.

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