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cameron diaz hairstyles

To get the haircut you want every time, other Great Clips stylists suggest the following 5 tips for effectively communicating with the stylist:
1. Collect pictures of the style you like and bring them with you to the salon to help explain your ideas.
2. Ask the stylist about the latest styles and what would work with your hair and look best.
3. “Show not tell” how you want your hair to be when the haircut is complete. Use your hands to show the stylist how much you want taken off instead of asking for an inch or two off the ends. This will help ensure that your hair will be cut only to the desired length.
4. Tell the stylist how much time you usually spend on your hair. If you would like to spend less time, be sure to let him or her know. This information will help determine which style best suits your daily routine.
5. Let the stylist know about any hair habits, such as tucking your hair behind the ears and pulling your hair back for work or sports. Taking your habits into consideration will help determine an appropriate hairstyle.

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