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Perms, Waves & Straighteners – Chemical processing requires a fundamental understanding of chemical interactions and their effect on hair. For best results, rely on a qualified technician to perform these procedures. Use a color-safe moisturizing shampoo iconand conditioner.iconDeep-conditionicon hair every other week but watch out for build up. Very dry or damaged hair may need a leave-in conditioner.icon It is also helpful to use a styling treatment like PhytoCurl Sprayicon or for relaxed hair Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm.icon If frizz is a problem try an anti-frizzicon solution.
Remember, hair cells are dead, products wash out and must be reapplied. A consistent haircare regimen is the best way to prevent and smooth split ends. And finally, trim hair ends regularly to minimize cuticle fraying.
Environmental Effects: wind, sun, hard water, pollutants, free radicals

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