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cute blonde hairstyles for medium length hair

I use the little sachets of wella ‘shaders’ or those little triangular boxes of Harmony toners to keep my hair an even shade between root touch-ups. They are my lifesavers in between salon visits. I usually get my roots done and a have ‘long lasting’ semi-put in. When the semi starts to fade I shampoo in half of one of these, lather it up very quickly,( thats all it needs), and rinse. My hair is usually given a new lease of life for about a week after using them and at around £1 to £2 a go it’s not hard on the pocket either. Personally I use the ‘ash’ shades as I am quite a pale blonde, the ash ones are again based on a PURPLE pigment, they look bright blue once out of the sachet, so they are great at banishing the ‘yellow’ look.
They also come in ‘Golden’ shades so those with more warm blonde shades would probably find these just as good for boosting that ‘between salon visits’ fading. Red tones fade the fastest of all so these are great for adding some of the ‘warmth’ back into the shade.

TIP: Buy one of those little travel sized lotion/pump dispenser bottles (Superdrug do them among others) and squeeze 2 or 3 sachets into it. Every couple of shampoos add a dollop of this into the shampoo in your hand. Viola ! DIY ‘purple’ shampoo, freshens up hair colour a treat and is a less messy than trying to squeeze the sachet while your hair is dripping wet. If you can’t get hold of a little travel size bottle you could always improvise. If not, and you don’t need the whole sachet, just roll up the top and keep for next time.

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