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cute gym hairstyles for long hair

Relieve your tress distress in three easy steps
If your hair is damaged, it’s time to look to the expert. Ask your stylist they will be able to determine if the problem is chemical, mechanical, or whether your hair is just naturally dry or coarse. “Chemically damaged hair absorbs water, becoming stretchable and slippery when wet, while mechanically damaged hair is rough and lacks elasticity,” explains Dr. David Cannell, senior vice-president of research and development for Redken.

What’s the next step? Repair with deep conditioning products, like Redken’s Extreme Line. “Loss of protein is caused by chemical treatments while, at the cuticle level, brushing and chemicals strip cuticle cells, weakening adhesion and resulting in dry, dull hair and split ends,” says Dr. Cannell. “Proteins will penetrate hair, building internal strength, while ceramides enter the cuticle layer to reinforce structure.” Finally, natural lipids resurface, leaving the cuticle flat, shiny and smooth.
Get your stylist to recommend products you can use at home. Regular use of deep conditioning products helps to combat regular wear and tear.

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