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cute hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

How To Find A Hair Good Stylist
The day will come when you will have to find a new stylist. It is as inevitable as death, and about as pleasant.
In the days before I became involved in the beauty industry, I can recall when my very pregnant stylist informed me that after the baby was born, she would no longer be cutting hair.
Once the initial shock wore off, I manifested emotions such as – denial, anger, pleadings to God, and pretended acceptance. When at last it was time for my next haircut and not knowing what else to do or where else to go, I simply returned to the same salon and another girl cut my hair.
Not only did she do a fine job on my hair, she changed the look altogether and it was much better than the already terrific job her former coworker had been doing and I remained a client at that salon for the next fourteen years.

I took this lesson with me when I entered the beauty industry. You might argue that it was just dumb luck, but it wasn’t. Throughout those fourteen years my stylists changed many times, but the quality of service and workmanship did not. This was because I went to an excellent salon with superior staff training and mentoring.
In other words, it is finding the right salon that is critical, not the right stylist, and all the better so as stylists tend to move on every year or so for no particular reason.
Over the years I have been asked many times how to find a good stylist or salon and over time I have worked out the following formula with very good results

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