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cute pin up hairstyles

Pin up 50s hair
Okay, products done, hair styles “will and won’ts” down, now on to HAIR LOOKS. Perfection, “every hair in place” is not the look for this season. The messier and looser the better. For WAVY-CURLY hair, Loose curls twisted up is the prettiest look around. Up styles don’t stay in place? Take your bobby pins and criss cross them when you put them in. That extra support keeps your hair up better. Heavy hair, use those real heavy long bobby pins. Want to place a few pieces here and there? Take your old-fashioned hair pins and just place a few here and there. STRAIGHT hair? Think of pony tails – use only coated rubber bands, your hair will thank me for it, and twist a slim piece of hair around it, tuck in with a bobby pin to hold in place. An instant hair ornament. Or take some flowers or leaves, real or silk and place around the rubber band. SHORT hair? Curl the bangs and wear off your face. HEAVY curly hair? Twist up the back and let the ends stick up. Pin in place.

Hair that works in the style it’s born in tends to stay in place better, and is less fuss all around. Less to think about, and less time and hassle to get there. Isn’t that what you were wanting in the first place?

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