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i just had a haircut, but it’s too short. is there any way to make my hair grow faster?
Personal Hair Advisor: Hair grows about one half inch a month. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing you can do to make your hair grow faster. There is no magic pill you can take or shampoo you can use to change that. But you can make the growing out process less of a bother.
First and foremost, you should cut the longer layers as short as possible. Bringing the bottom up will lessen the drastic difference between the layers and make your hair much easier to style. And your layers will now be even with the rest of your hair in much less time.

Styling techniques can help even out your look. Use gel on the hair around your face, and dry your hair on a low speed, brushing it back from your face as it dries. Don’t use a high speed setting, which will dry your hair too quickly and make it flat, accentuating the multilayered effect you are trying to avoid.
I also recommend that you experiment with hair clips, barrettes and headbands. Pulling your hair off your face can be flattering, and a stylish way to get through this growing-out phase. Patience is the key to growing out your length!

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