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easy hairstyles for girls with medium hair

These are wide ranging in ‘time span’. From sachets of ‘wash-in wash-out’ toners for example Wella shaders and toners to colour mousses, to packs which last for up to 24 washes which are known as Demi-permanent. The amount of washes is based on natural haircolour though. Yours probably won’t last as long but you may find that the colour can be quite strong for the first few days. Semi-s just ‘sit’ on the surface of the hair, sort of like temporary tattoos, which is why they can be washed out.
PROS:- Mistakes are easily rectified.
Tip : If you don’t like the colour then wash hair with a shampoo for ‘dandruff control’ or shower-gel, a few times if necessary, remembering to condition afterward and you’ll find the colour fades pretty quickly. Also ‘deep’ hot oil conditioners can also cause the colour to fade .
There’s no commitment to particular shade for long so you can experiment to see what you like and if you do go for a permanent then you have a good idea of what suits you. They also don’t cost as much. Root touch ups are also not as complicated as only the roots need a separate pre-lightening first, then the chosen semi-permanent can go in over the whole head so overlap won’t occur. Good idea to let the previous semi fade out before getting your roots done obviously.
CONS :- Not nearly so much choice unfortunatley. Fades very quickly so you’ll find that you have to ‘top them up’ every so often between salon visits (or home root touching up if you’re brave enough !).

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