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easy quick hairstyles for curly hair

After a day at the pool, clarify your hair.
A clarifier is a stronger shampoo designed to remove toxins from you hair such as auto emissions and other environmental pollutants, as well as build up from some ingredients in over the counter shampoos such as silicon. A clarifier is too strong to use daily, but once or even twice a week is okay. It should also help remove chlorine from your hair, but if you are at the pool daily you will need to invest in a special shampoo to control chlorine.

Avoid ‘green hair’ before it begins. Thuroughly wet your hair before you dip in the pool and add a bit of conditioner too. Wash your hair immediately upon exiting the pool. These precautions alone will go a long way toward dodging the ‘swamp look.’
These few tips should see you well through the summer and leave you with fond memories instead of bitter tales.

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