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easy smokey eye makeup

Aveda pure-fume Brilliant Universal Styling Creme
My fine, naturally wavy long hair takes a beating when traveling. Since I live in a pony tail pretty much, how’s that for Glamour? Learning to love my long flowing wanna-be tresses lately, on a recent trip, I packed EVERYTHING. A blow dryer, curling iron, hair soft-curlers, hair clips…all on the assumption I’d look PRETTY while traveling and working elsewhere. Yeah, right. Like I have time to work on myself before a 6:00 am call time. So I learned to let go. The only thing I truly needed? Aveda’s Universal Styling Creme. The trick was, since I’m a big p.m. bath taker, I usually go to sleep with wet hair. Blow-drying just frizzes the heck out of it and plus, I’d rather sleep. So I apply a dime size amount to damp hair, go to sleep, and VIOLA, wake up with AMAZING, yes, amazing wonderul, flowing, shiny, great smelling, wavy hair . With no frizz in sight. Who knew that the hair of a goddess really is attainable.

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