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elegant hairstyles for long hair

Styling secrets
No matter what type of hair you have, whenever possible, opt for styling products that contain shine-enhancing ingredients such as silicone or light-reflecting botanicals.
If your hair is straight: Your goal is to keep it smooth. Apply a straightening cream or gel prior to styling hair. When you are through, brush hair with a boar-bristle brush to evenly disperse your hair’s natural oils.
If your hair is fine: “Use a shine-boosting styling product that is applied to dry hair, like a glossing spray,” says D.J. “Mist onto hair from your roots to your ends.”
If your hair is curly: “Don’t towel-dry your hair when it’s wet,” says Rubin. “It breaks up your natural curl, creating lackluster, frizzy hair. Instead, use a towel to blot the moisture.” When hair is damp, apply a pea-size amount of antifrizz serum. Use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to blow hair dry.

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