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eva longoria hairstyle

Brushes, Curlers and Accessories – The use of brushes and combs, curlers, hairbands and barrettes accelerate this process. Never use a bristle brush on wet hair. Instead, use a large toothed brush or comb with rounded ends.
Backcombing – Backbrushing and backcombing and are particularly damaging because they pull and tear at the scales of the cuticle in a direction opposite the lay pattern.
Scissors – Cutting hair with blunt or dull scissors creates a jagged edge across the cuticle, roughing the scales and increasing the potential for fraying. Razor cutting produces long tapered hair edges that weather sooner and fray more easily. Use Phytospecific Nutrition Mask:iconor a similar product to strengthen and protect hair against friction and weathering.
Applied Heat: dryers, hot rollers, curling and straightening irons

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