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eva mendes with bangs

Hard Water – When shampoos and soaps don’t lather up, there may be a hard water problem. Water becomes hard when there is a buildup of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and copper. The minerals cling to hair leaving it dull, dry and gritty. These deposits are difficult to wash out. Aside from investing in a water softener, professionals usually recommend a chelating shampoo, but it is a very harsh detergent. Robert Craig has developed a hard water test kit and trio of shampoos that gently eliminate hard water deposits in the hair.
Pollutants – The EPA reports that the six major air pollutants of our modern era are: ozone, vehicle exhaust, particulates, emission gases, lead and carbon monoxide… ugh!.. and that’s just air! Anti-pollution skincare and make-up products have been on the market now for years. However, the haircare industry has unfortunately lagged behind. If pollution is detrimental to skin then surely same can be said of hair. Yet very few studies have shown this. So it is not surprising to find that anti-pollution hair products are practically nonexistent.

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