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evening makeup for brown eyes

Lip gloss on the middle of the mouth, just “kiss”, and dot on the middle of both lips and even on the cheekbones as highlighter. Try the eyebrow bone for a nice shimmer. You can try a shimmery gold lipgloss for evening.
Last but not least, another light dusting of loose powder to ‘set’ eye shadow and blush. The trick is to take a super duper big powder brush and dust all over the face, either going from the middle brushing out, or brushing from the forehead, down. Then for touch ups during the day, grab the Shine Control, LipShine and Pencil.
What’s the secret to keepng makeup from fading in the humid summer months? It’s the light dusting of powder first. A photography makeup trick for models that’s great when they’re standing under hot lights, or even in the heat. I know it works. I just got back from a shoot in Arizona, where it was 117 degrees.

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