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everyday hair styles for medium hair

When you get your hair cut, talk to your stylist about the best styling tips to make it appear as thick as possible. There are different ways that you can brush and dry your hair to hide thinning. Blow-drying on a low speed, for example, will give you more control over the heat and allow you to build body slowly as you dry. Avoid a high heat setting, which can flatten your hair.
As for styling products, I advise using them sparingly. Using too much will weigh your hair down. Also avoid products that contain alcohol, which will irritate your scalp and dry out your hair, possibly leading to more hair loss. Be wary of mousses — they often have a high alcohol content. And in terms of specific treatments for thinning hair, I recommend the all-natural approach. Scalp massages used in conjunction with plant-based products can stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage hair growth.

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