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everyday hairstyles for long hair

What are the big hair looks this fall?
Big, indeed! “Things are going in an upward direction,” says Kenneth Tepper, artistic director at the Stephen Knoll salon in New York. “The hottest way to style your hair for a night on the town is tight around the sides, higher on top.” And while such coifs might admittedly conjure images of Marge Simpson, there’s now a high-brow (or should we say haute – brow?) reference as well: Models at the Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent fall couture shows boasted the “vertical beehive-y look,” notes Tepper. He adds that even with short hair, “a poofed-up, mohawky thing is happening.” Should none of the above appeal to you, you can also update your ‘do with the right cut or accessory. “Choppy, shaggy, razor-cuts are still going strong,” says Tepper. “Even blunt cuts look better when they’re deconstructed at the bottom. And length is not an issue; what’s important is that no matter how long or short, your hair should have rough edges.” The hippest extras (which also happen to be the hippiest): all kinds of leather lacing, like a moccasin string wrapped around your head or the base of a ponytail. Bonus points for well-placed feathers and beading.

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