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eye make up for red lips

Long before the health benefits of Silver Tip White Tea were discovered, Chinese emperors of the Song Dynasty enjoyed it as a drink with exquisite taste and aroma. The “magic” drink was prized for relieving fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will and enhancing vision. Many even claimed it was an important ingredient in the elixir of immortality.
White Tea comes from the silver tip of the Camellia Sinensis tree — which is cropped to the height of a bush. The tips are hard to come by. They only emerge once a year, during a few short days each spring. “Once harvested, white tea is neither rolled nor oxidized, but simply dried in natural sunlight. The minimal processing is what enables it to keep its healthful properties, which include a high antioxidant level and the ability to stop free radicals (molecules that have become highly reactive and destructive due to contact with an outside stimulus such as ultraviolet radiation, pollution and smog) from harming the body,” says tea master Barry Cooper, chairman of the Cooper Tea Company, based in Boulder, Colo.
Until recently, White Tea was virtually unknown outside China as a skin care agent. Now it’s available to women world-wide as the main ingredient in Origin’s “A Perfect World Collection.” Origins is a cosmetics company that produces high quality skin care products for women, men, babies and pets.

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