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eye makeup night party

Just what do I mean? A new DEW, as in Skin. The biggest change in makeup is in the new look of skin. Matte skin is gone, as well that super shiny look. Dewy, perfect skin is in.
So how do we get that look?
Here are a few tricks of the trade.
First of all, don’t compromise the look by thinking you have to put on ‘nothing’. We all have skin imperfections, breakouts, red spots and more that we’d like to hide. So attack those problems first, and then work on the look at hand. Put on your foundation and concealer like you normally would. THEN, change it. Want dewy skin? Put a dab of moisturizer on top of your base, after you’ve powdered. That way, it’ll stay all day,you’ll still get the dewy look, and you won’t be putting on so much that is ruins the base.
You have to try PRESCRIPTIVES “Radiance” Moisturizer. A beautiful shimmer that you see only when the light. hits it. Use alone, or on top of foundation. Though pricey at $45, a little goes along way.

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