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Eyebrows and Eyebrow Shaping

As a make-up artist there are two things that are fundamental to looking great whether you’re ‘au natural’ or fully made-up. These are a flawless foundation ( I’ll go into how to get that another time) and well shaped brows.
Eyebrows really define and accent the face even without makeup. So the right shape eyebrows is essential. Perfectly groomed brows are an absolute must.
Eyebrow shaping : For the best results it’s a good idea to tidy brows in good light (day light preferred) and to look into a magnifying mirror.
– First, brush brows up and trim, using nail scissors, any long rouge hairs – be careful.
– Always use good quality tweezers. I recommend TWEEZERMAN SLANTED.
– To find the most flattering shape for your eyes, use the pencil test which will tell you where your brows should start and end. Starting on the right side, place a pencil vertically along the side of your nose past your eyebrow. Remove any hairs on the bridge of the nose not touched by the pencil. These can make you look as if you are frowning. Next place the pencil diagonally from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye. Any hairs below the pencil should be removed or your will look droopy. Your brows should arch gradually, staring over the pupil, following the natural shape, so pluck only the strays to really open up your eyes. Now repeat on the left side.
– Before you pluck use a white eye pencil to etch out any hairs that don’t fall inside your guide lines. This will help guide you, so both sides come out even. And contrary to what we’ve all been told in the past it’s okay to pluck any strays from the top.
– Always pluck out eyebrows in the direction the hairs grow. Do it after a bath or shower it will hurt less. A bit of baby’s teething ointment or an ice cub on the brows can help numb the pain.
– Next define them. If they only need to be tamed try Origins Just Browsing Tinted Brow Gel (available in 4 shades) or Calvin Klein Brow Groomer or fill them in if they need it, using either a eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or eyebrow powder pencil. See below.

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