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eyebrows shaping for round face

If you’ve over plucked in the past they don’t always grow back as nicely as one would like. Luckily there are many products and techniques to correct and define even the sparsest of brows. For the most natural appearance choose a colour the same colour as your hair, ( all colours are now available ) or a shade lighter, don’t go for anything darker it will be too overpowering.
– Follow the pencil trick to see where your eyebrows should begin and end.
– Start by brushing your eyebrows down ( I know this sounds odd but it works ). Then using a stiff flat edge brush dipped in brow powder. There are some great brow enhancing kits around check out – Chanel Perfect Brows (brow kit, available in America & Europe), Hard Candy Training Brow, Lancome Kit Sourcil, YSL Accent Sourcil or BeneFit Brow Zing. Go lightly along the top of the brows, then brush them up and lightly fill in any gaps. If you prefer to use a pencil or powder pencil look at Dior, L’Oreal, No7 Precision Brow Definer (not available in US)or Colourings Powder Brow Pencil, and follow the same steps.
– Brush eyebrows back up, you’ll see an immediate difference. You can now fill in the gaps from underneath using the same technique, if you have a large gap or scar use a regular eyebrow pencil first then follow with the powder. Finish with a brush of clear mascara, Paula Dorf Perfect Brow or Tweezerman Browmousse to seal.

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