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eyeshadow for green eyes

Always on the quest for the perfect mascara for every situation, I can go through at least 3-5 tubes per month when on the job doing photo shoots. And with the wide range of mascaras on the market nowadays, I decided to do a test of some of the most popular brands, as well as some new ones to see if they really were up to the job.
I decided to test all the mascaras on different models during photo shoots, for feedback on how it looked, how well it lasted, and how it was to wash off. I also tested on myself as well, since I have very sensitive eyes, and nothing drives me nuts more than mascara that I can feel. I’m also a great candidate for irritation, since mascara can burn when I wash my face,. So I felt that for those of you with sensitive eyes and skin, I was a good guinea pig.

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