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fancy medium length hairstyles

Do not ask friends, relatives or coworkers whom they recommend.
As it turns out they will rarely tell you who their stylist really is because over the course of time they have told that stylist every detail about their personal life and they don’t want it to slip out. They also don’t want you to show up with the same cut and style that they have.
What they will do is give you the name of a relative or friend who cuts hair because every single person on the face of the earth is related to a hair stylist, or at least knows one socially. If you actually go there and you are unsatisfied with the service, there is no graceful way out of the situation without offending the person who gave you the referral.
Instead I recommend asking a total stranger. If you see someone on the street or at the grocery store who has a cut that you like, simply stop them and ask. You needn’t be embarrassed, it is quite flattering to the person whom you stopped and they will be eager to brag up their salon or stylist. After you have done this a few times you will see a pattern emerge.

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