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Boho Lace Braid
Fishtail Braided Up-do
It is another stunning hairstyle for a stunning look. First style side French braids and then style the fishtail braid and twist the braids together in the form of an up-do and look stunning. The hairstyle will indeed make you look elegant.
Fishtail Braided Up-do 2018
Boho Lace Braid
Another elegant braided hairstyle for long and thick hair is boho lace braid hairstyle. You can style your hair in a number of ways, i.e. boho lace braid bun, boho lace braid ponytail or boho lace braid side chignon hairstyle.
Fishtail Braided Up-do style
Lace Braided Bun
Lace Braided Bun
This is not a simple hairstyle, but it looks highly polished and can make you look well groomed. Style a long side lace braid first and then style a high bun. Do wrap the braid over the bun and get the alluring hairstyle completed.

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