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french manicure acrylic

I took pictures! I don’t know where my pictures are but I most definitely took pictures! Will have to search then put them up!!!
So, I got rid of my super long nails. Got a real life manicure done which I have never done ever before in my life! Well, as a non-drinker, non-smoker, non-gambler, and non-drug abuser, I don’t see why I can’t spoil myself once in a while right! SO!
I went to the nail parlour and took detailed notes about what she did just for future reference! Read on if you want a really professional manicure at home!
1) She took a regular pair of nail clippers and cut the rounded top off all my nails. She left them square and it felt really weird and flat and uncomfortable. And sharp on the edges.
2) She filed them off roughly first, then used a finer file to smooth down the edge and tops of the nails.
3) She took what looked like an icicle stick and scraped out the nail bits that got filed and stuck under the nail and filed off the bits.

french manicure acrylic photo
4) She put moisturizer on the cuticles in blobs then left it there for about 10 minutes. Then she rubbed out the moisturizer on my fingers and cuticles before using a cuticle cutter to trim back the cuticles and push them back with another icicle stick.

5) Then she put on a base coat and let it dry. Followed by two coats of pink polish, first a darker pink then a lighter pink. She finished off with a top coat and let it dry.

DONE!!!!! It looked like a really cheap and simple and cheat-ish way to get a french manicure and really looked like one too!

I was impressed! Gonna try it myself as soon as all this lazily chips off 😛

french manicure acrylic

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