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french manicure designs

Ok, I’ve been asked to do an article on this subject as it is one of those nightmare situations that happen to every woman eventually.
You know, you zip up your jeans, snap. You turn on a switch, snap. You press a button, snap. You open a pop can, snap, dammit. Let’s work on this.
Now, I don’t have any pictures because I haven’t properly broken a nail in a long while and I’m not about to go wreck one for the sake of pictures! So I’ll add some pictures later maybe when it happens, but most definitely not now!
So, I’m talking about fairly long nails here. If your nails are just starting to grow, or not really long enough to go through the trouble of salvaging, then just get rid of ’em and start over. It’ll save you much heartbreak and frustration in the long run and you’ll thank me later. True story!

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