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Fun Medium Length Haircuts

Age, gender, sexual orientation, race, and years of experience, have nothing to do with the talent of a stylist.
Don’t get caught up in those nonsensical stereotypes. They will neither serve you, or become you.
Instead I recommend screening the salon. Do they have an internship or apprentice program for training their new stylists. How often do they have education in the salon, (other than product education). How often do they go to an IBS, (International Beauty Show), in Long Beach, Chicago or New York. How many of them have been to an advanced academy with Toni & Guy, American Crew, Paul Mitchell or the like.

In my salon we bring select beauty school students into our internship program for six months. By the time they graduate beauty school they hit the floor running and are usually better than stylists who have been cutting hair for five years or more. We have mandatory technical training in the salon every two weeks. Failure to attend is grounds for immediate dismissal. Stylists are required to either attend an advanced academy at their own expense, ($1,000 – $3,000), or attend an IBS at a minimum of once every two years. Once per year our stylists are required to compete in a National Cosmetology Association hair cutting competition. Every single stylist is required to do straight razor cuts from day one.
Now, I don’t expect every salon to meet our standards, but I do expect to see some degree of professionalism above that of the average salon or they don’t get to touch my hair.


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