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gold eyeshadow for green eyes

Sooner or later we take the time to reflect on ourselves. Both internally and externally. It’s a nice change of pace, to then reflect on the ‘renewal’ of our look.
So often our image is dependent on our everyday routine and what we’ve come to do on a daily basis. With hectic schedules, and responsibilities pulling at us from every end, when do we take the time to renew ourselves? We usually don’t because the last time we did, we ended up with disastrous results, or it got too frustrating to incorporate this new process into our daily routine.
Are you bored with how you look?
Congratulations! It only means that you’ve perfected this look, time and time again. So much so, you could do it in your sleep. And believe me, you’re really good at it too. You’re so good, that by now, face it. You’re bored.

It is not so much hard to apply that new color, but to get up the courage to do so. Why is changing how we look so difficult? Models do it all the time. Maybe if I was making $10,000 per day, I’d be happy to change my hair color and makeup in a blink of an eye as well. But I’m not, and I don’t. Courage. That’s all it takes to conquer something new. A lot harder than it sounds. When makeup artists are pressuring you to overhaul a whole new look for yourself, ask them when they’ve done the same to themselves? You’ll get either a blank stare, or a look of horror. And as a makeup artist, I have to do my own face every day. Day in and day out. I get bored too, and supposedly,I know what I’m doing.
Don’t fear. We tend to overwhelm ourselves with trying to put on a whole new face, and frustrated, we end up going back to our tried and true colors and routine anyway.
So what happened? How do we not make this attempt a repeated thing? Simple. Take it slow. Renewal starts with one step. At a time. One new item, or one new color, or one new technique.
So take a deep breath. Relax,and remember. “Baby steps.”

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