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hair styles for braids

Dress ~ Go sleek and elegant or frilly and flirty. Ideally your dress should be flowing like water or wispy like a soft breeze. Think flowers, birds, clouds, water, stars—transcendental luminosity. Keep your colors light and patterns subtle.
Jewelry ~ Gold, silver, pearls, opals, diamonds, crystal, rhinestones, aquamarine, or other light stones are appropriate for this holiday look. Keep it simple and delicate.
Skin ~ Turn heads at the office party with skin that literally glows. First, when you bathe use a moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub to get rid of dead cells and improve circulation to the skin’s surface. Afterwards, smooth on a shimmery moisturizing body lotion. Use unscented soap and lotion if you plan to wear perfume; don’t spoil the pure essence of your fragrance. To properly apply an atomized fragrance, spray the scent ahead of you and walk into it. If winter has left you a little too pale, try a light self-tanning lotion for just a touch of extra color. Experiment with this at least a week before the party if you’ve never used a self-tanner. Don’t overdo it, we’re not going for the beach bunny look here.

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