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hair styles with braiding hair

Oily hair care
Oily hair needs thorough cleansing and clarifying to remove excess oil, dust and dirt which can make hair look dull, limp and lifeless.
A basic piece of oily hair care advice is valid nonetheless: you should be using a shampoo especially designed for oily hair in your hair care routine. Try to determine whether your hair is oily all over, or just at the roots, since it is entirely possible to have dry hair with an oily scalp, particularly if your hair is long. Some shampoos for oily hair might exacerbate the condition of your dry ends. If you’re not sure you should talk it over with your stylist.

Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, and use one tailored for oily hair. Avoid brushing your hair too often or too vigorously, since brushing helps to transport oil from your roots to the ends of your hair, leaving hair limp and greasy throughout its length. Also take care to avoid frequently touching or fussing with your hair. Frequently touching your hair not only helps to shift the oil from your roots to your tips, but it can add additional oil from your hands to already greasy hair.
• Products: clarifying shampoo, a light conditioner for oily hair applied to the ends of hair (not near the scalp), sebum regulating leave-in treatment (ask your stylist), mousses, hairsprays.

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