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hairstyle for round face with long hair

Vintage cuts for the modern you
Try a twist on a classic 1950s or ’60s ‘do for a cool new look.
More and more Indy hair stylists are getting requests to bring back vintage styles in hair.
Vintage is really the big thing right now,” said Jason Hagemier, hair cutting coach at Reeda Todd / Aveda Lifestyle Spa/Salon.
The new vintage styles might have something to do with the November release of “Walk the Line,” in which Joaquin Phoenix sports a sculpted pompadour and Reese Witherspoon’s mid-century curls crown her head. But vintage hair seen today often takes a modern spin on Hollywood glamour of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Hagemier said ladies are looking to mimic the Gwen Stefani look — a ’50s retro style that has been coined the “mush and pin,” a messier style with volume that he said requires some backcombing and pinning.

And men, deep into rockabilly music and culture, often steer straight for pompadour peaks.The 1950s updo and vintage curls
Anyone can wear an updo, according to Hagemier. All you have to do is pile your hair on top of your head . . . fashionably. When contemplating an updo, Hagemier recommends styles that flatter the shape of the person’s face.
“I think that all has to do with balance, depending on your face,” Hagemier said. “You can basically wear any style as long as you wear the correct balance around your head.”
If you’re not going for the updo look, hair can still maintain a vintage style by pinning a section of hair into a roll in the front and creating medium-sized curls around the rest of your head.
Products Hagemier uses for vintage curls: “I just like a light setting gel or setting lotions,” Hagemier said. “

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