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hairstyles for blonde hair

Ideally your hair should be in good condition before embarking down the ‘going blonde’ route. If you are even vaguely considering it then the time to start taking extra special care of your hair is BEFORE you slap on the dye.
Start paying attention to those lacklustre locks of yours beforehand to try and minimise the damage afterwards. Another thing to bear in mind is that if you have had any chemical treatments to the hair (ie perm/relaxed) wait a few weeks before attempting this and be very careful as your hair will be quite susceptible to damage. Bleaching hair will ALWAYS be damaging to the hair so if your hair is in bad shape to begin with, applying bleach over it is not exactly a recipe for silky shiny hair. Saying all that, my hair had been highlighted a few weeks before over a previous permanent brown colourant so the hair doesn’t have to be in ‘virgin’ ‘untouched’ condition, although that would help. I have though, always taken pretty good care of my hair and I condition religously, so perhaps thats why I got away with the horror story on the last page relatively lightly ? Just use common sense.

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