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hairstyles for girls with medium hair

Perm Too Tight
It happens. You wanted a perm and now that you have one, it seems way too tight. Your stylist told you to wait a few days, it would loosen up.
Good news. You need not wait a few days, but you will need to print out these instructions and return to the salon to have the stylist loosen the perm. This procedure works about 95% of the time and is a trade secret of our salon that few stylists outside of the company know. In our opinion, your stylist should not charge you any more for this service, except for perhaps the price of the product.
1. Have your stylist conduct a ‘strand test’ to make sure that your hair can handle the treatment. If your stylist does not know how to do a strand test, run, not walk, to a new salon.
2. Mix in equal parts, the same perm solution as before, and shampoo.
3. Over the sink, gently massage the solution into the hair and gently pull the curls loose. It is important that all curls are loosened an equal amount.
4. RInse with water and proceed with neutralizing as per manufacturers instructions. If the curls are still not loose enough, in most cases this procedure can be repeated one more time, providing that the original perm was not over processed to begin with.
5. The average amount of time for the perm/shampoo solution to be in the hair in ten minutes.

There are some risks with this procedure, so do not do it unless you are very unhappy, and to say the least, do not do this on your own. For one you do not have the training, for two, you do not have access to the same perm solution that your salon used.

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