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hairstyles for long blonde hair

Where do I start?
The first thing to look at is obvious really, what colour your hair is to start with. You see, the lighter your hair is in the first place the easier it is to dye it blonde. There is less colour pigment to strip away, so the products have an easier time working on the hair.
If your hair is REALLY dark, naturally or not, then you may face a tough struggle going blonde. I’ve got to be honest and suggest that if you are really dark, then you do seek adivce on this. You don’t want to ruin your hair completely.

Also caution should be advised if you have recently dyed your hair red. Again, be very careful and it’s advisable to wait at least a month afterwards if you are considering bleaching your hair.
So you see, just sometimes it is an advantage being a boring old mousy brown colour. On the other hand if you hair is a dark blonde colour you may get away with dyes specifically for lightening blonde hair only. Schwarzkopf do a range of ‘Nordic’ colours and some other brands have similar, so you may be better off giving these a go.

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