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hairstyles for short blonde fine hair

Brassy Hair, Oh No!
Well you’ve been ‘blonde’ for a few weeks now and just love your new look, but guess what ? In certain lights you can see that the hair is starting to look a strange shade (?). This known as the hair looking ‘brassy’. It’s basically the stage where the dye you put in on the second stage is fading, but there is still some remaining, and the ‘yellowness’ of your hair underneath are mixing together and giving a ‘funny’ look to the hair. Also by this time your hair will have been exposed to the elements/car fumes/smoking etc and this also dulls the hair down. The over-all effect can be quite sludgy looking.
There are a few things that can be done to get rid of this, bear with me this quite a long page but there were just so many products I never knew existed when I firstdid my hair. I walked around for a few weeks with my hair turning ever more ‘canary-like’ till I discovered a few of the products below. It would be a shame to miss anything out .Half the battle of being a blonde, is STAYING one !

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