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hairstyles for shoulder length blonde hair

Pre-lightener… WILL need one of these!
Going blonde for most of us IS NOT A ONE STEP PROCESS. If your hair is anything darker than dark blonde then you will need a pre-lightener. L’Oreal Superblonde is one example, but all the major brands have them under differing names.
Their function is to do one thing only, to strip all the existing pigment out of you hair so that you are left with a sort of ‘blank pallette’. This theoretically means you can put any shade of blonde in over it. Too many people make the assumption that this is a dye in itself and that the colour it leaves is the ‘blonde’ colour they have to live with.
PRE-LIGHTENERS ARE USED ONLY TO STRIP COLOUR OFF YOUR HAIR. YOU SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER DYE IN THE SHADE OF BLONDE YOU WANT READY FOR AFTERWARDS. This is called ‘double processing’ the hair. The important thing to remember using a pre-lightener is that you don’t want to be left with any obvious ‘patchy’ areas which are darker or redder than the rest. You are aiming for a nice even base for your blonde colour and a patchy base means a patchy colour overall.

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