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hairstyles for thin long hair women

Long Hair and The Swan
Fox TV’s reality show The Swan takes plain Janes and turns them into pageant-ready beauties. The transformations take some three months to complete and include plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, personal fitness training, hair and makeup consultations, life coaching and psychotherapy to the tune of around $250,000 per contestant.
The one interesting thing that all of the made-over women seem to share is long, flowing tresses. No matter what their hair looked like when they began their transformations, it has always ended up below the shoulder. One could conclude that the show’s producers and makeover experts consider long hair to be the beauty standard.

Of course, the contestants aren’t growing their own long hair in just three months since hair grows an average of just 1/2 inch per month. They benefit from hair extensions, which add instant length, fullness and shots of color.

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