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hairstyles with braids

Hair ~ Now crown your new holiday look with a beautiful hairdo. Whether you wear your locks up or down, long or short, straight or curly—the emphasis here is lose and touchable, not fussy and overdone. For an extra kick consider coloring, highlighting, or spraying your hair with a touch of glitter. Adorn your tresses with an elegant barrette or headband. Embellish thin hair with a trendy hair extension.
Heart ~ Be a Gossamer Beauty and glow from the inside out. Reflect the loving spirit of the holiday season. Be peaceful not argumentative. Don’t be loud, chatty, or boisterous. Converse with those around you softly and intelligently. Practice listening. Keep your halo straight and your wings in balance as you flutter from one celebration to another. Be a Holiday Angel—feel as divine as you look!

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