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hot haircuts for women

Applying mascara
Mascara can be the trickiest makeup to apply. The goal, of course, is to enhance your lashes so your eyes seem bigger and brighter without evidence of loads of mascara . But mascara wands tend to be thick. If you apply it with a heavy hand, you’ll end up with spider tentacles. The most important rule: Don’t rush! Take your time to avoid clumping. And to really make your eyes pop, check out the steps below:
STEP 1 Choose the right shade. Try a brown or medium brown tint if you have blondd hair or a dark brownish black tint if you have brunette or black hair. (If you have naturally dark lashes, try skipping mascara entirely after you curl your lashes. You might find curling alone will emphasize your eyes. )
STEP 2 Curl your lashes. Be sure you’re in a safe place — that is, not in the subway or your car! Crimp near the roots, then in the middle, and finally, close to the tips. (You might find this easier with the help of a magnifying mirror.)
STEP 3 Wipe excess mascara from the brush with a tissue, then hold the wand horizontally and lightly coat lashes from base to tip. Let dry.
STEP 4 Using a mascara comb, separate lashes and remove any flakes of mascara that may have clumped.

Generally, unless you have absolutely no visible line at all, I don’t recommend mascara for the lower lashes; aside from the possibility that it can drop down and smear under the eye, the look can also give you a pulled down, cartoon-like, Olive Oyl look. If you must, though, apply sparingly, directing the brush downward from inner to outer edge.

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