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Here’s Jessica Alba on her way to some shopping at the Gucci and Dior stores on Rodeo Drive and I’m doing my best to scan for a baby bump, but she’s got too many layers of clothing on there for me to be able to notice anything. Her outfit is cute, very well-accessorized and all, but she doesn’t look at all pleased with the paparazzi at the moment. After she does some shopping inside the store, she gets herself a police escort to keep the horde of photographers at bay and I find myself shaking my head sadly when I realize that the price of fame is such that a woman who wants to do something normal and every-day like some simple shopping on Rodeo Drive at Gucci and Dior can’t because her way is barred by paparazzi hungry for a shot of her. It’s just so tragic. She just wants to be normal, dammit! Oh, how I wish that police escort were there because she had been shoplifting
Is she officialy paranoic or what? She asked for a police escort to keep her safe of the paparazzi?….Really now, yoou’re not THAT famous to have someone wanting to hurt you…

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