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jessica alba updos hairstyles

Here is a photo of Jessica Alba leaving the gym after a long work out. She must get bored on the treadmill because she had some very interesting reading material — the controversial diet advice book Skinny Bitch. You may remember Skinny Bitch as the book that had been languishing on the book shelves for a year and a half, until that fateful day on May 18, when Victoria Beckham joined the book club when she picked up her own copy of the book.
Posh Spice has the Midas touch, because after that photo went in the magazines, on entertainment shows, it sky-rocketed to the top of the New York Times best seller list! Sales reportedly went up 37,000 percent after Vicky’s Midas touch, and yes, you read that number right!
Maybe sales will re-surge now that Alba has it now too! Jessica might not reach Posh about the part with “skinny” but she definetely may be a natural b***.

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