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How does ionic conditioning work?
Ions are particles that consist of either a positive or negative charge. Positively charged ions open the cuticle shaft (the hair’s protective covering) leaving it vulnerable to the cooking, drying and roughing effects of the typical non-ionic appliance. The hair texture becomes dry, frizzy and dull. Ions that have a negative charge penetrate and seal the protective cuticle layer with micro fine moisturizing water droplets that leave the hair flat and smooth. Because the hair’s natural moisture level is restored, the hair itself becomes more manageable and less frizzy; hair has more body and reflects a healthy natural sheen and luster.
Do we use ionic appliances?
You bet! All of the contributors to The Boss Hair Directory use ionic appliances and swear by them. We all noticed various degrees of improvement right away. Over time, and with proper hair care and and quality products, the improvements became more dramatic.
Read our articles healthy hair and summer hair to get the lowdown on hair care products we prefer.
For ionic hair appliance choices, check out our men’s and women’s sections OR find ionic hair appliances at the following sites:
Hint: Type “ionic hair” into website’s search box.

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