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Ionic Hair Appliances — Are They Really Better?
Is it time to update your hair appliance arsenal? Ionic technology is not just a fad, it is being used by salons worldwide. Ionic conditioning blow dryers, hair setters and/or brushes should be a part of your hairstyling regimen. And yes, ionic appliances do work! The benefits are reported in the following tests.
Ionic Hair Appliance Testing
Numerous tests have been conducted to disprove the claims of ionic technology developers and retailers. Although test results vary, all concluded that some improvement did indeed occur with the very first use! Here is a sample: ABC News (scroll down to Ionic Hair Dryers) and WCPO. WCPO’s “Don’t Waste Your Money” asked a local Hair Stylist to test an ionic hair dryer at her salon. She declared, “I find with the ionic dryer the hair is more controlled, its not all over the place. Its more manageable with the ionic dryer.”
The Sharper Image Salon Testicon: Participants in classic half-head tests of Ionic Conditioning in a professional salon expressed near universal delight at the “way better results” compared to a conventional dryer — with hair that (in their own words) was consistently “softer, fuller, silkier, shinier, smoother and healthier looking…with less frizz and fewer flyaway ends.”

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